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# 1

local production: France and Spain

All our textiles are dyed and printed in Barcelona.

Your products are made with care by our workshops in Barcelona.

Your toys are made by artisan experts from the Jura in France.

Local know-how is what we select carefully.

# 2

local production: without intermediaries

We've made possible to work without intermediaries avoiding a price increase that does not add value to the product.

It allows us to pay our suppliers and manufacturers' work as well as our workshops according to the European standards.

It allows us to maintain employment and a know-how environment whilst offering the best quality products at an accessible price.

We embrace a fair price policy and work hand in hand with each and every one of our partners in order to find the best production methods without asking them to waive at anything.

As an example, this meticulousness made possible to develop our gold prints without embossing, resisting to fading from baby's saliva and laundry.

# 3

organic cotton for our babies

We choose our poplin to be in organic cotton as well as we weave our organic cotton jersey and our organic muslin.

Without pesticides, in order to protect the environment and the groundwater.

Therefore, all of our baby products are 100% certified organic cotton.

# 4

oeko-tex class 1: harmlessness for our children's skin

Thanks to our local textile production, including our textile filling, our laces, as well as our biodegradable tints and pigments, we are able to guarantee you products manufactured according to the highest standards and to assure you the environment's respect.

Thanks to this eco-process, our textiles are hypoallergenic.

The oeko-tex class 1 is the highest classification. It applies to textiles in contact with baby skin.

# 5

materials' absolute quality

Quality begins with the choice of materials.

Our woods are selected and classified in order to have the best construction assembly.

Our cotton is contamination-free, which guarantees no impurities and assures that our dying and printing are the highest level.

Throughout the process, we choose the best production methods to achieve quality results, which we believe come from a precise and meticulous work from the beginning.

# 6

safety approved

Whether it is for our cribs, our paint and varnish, or our textiles, we always test our products in specialized laboratories according to the European and American safety requirements.

We ensure the best safety to our kids.

# 7

made for children's growth

Our products, besides being beautiful and useful, go through a conscious design process.

We collaborate with paediatricians and childcare workers, in order to offer children the chance to grow discovering, experimenting and controlling their universe, according to the Montessori method.

We make products at the children's scale in order to help them develop their autonomy.

We favour floor products, which are easy to handle, with a large colour palette that stimulates their imagination and also helps organise the rooms.

# 8

novelties and availability

Thanks to our control over the whole production process, we are able to produce within short time cycles in order to offer you a permanent availability all year long on all our references in stock in Barcelona.

In the same way, we regularly launch novelties in order to surprise you. We design our own exclusive, thought through products. We work with young and knowledgeable talents, from creative designers to graphic designers in order to offer our clients novelties all year long.

This way, we can guarantee a continuous production to our supply partners and assure you a permanent service, including special novelties for you.

changer le monde commence dès l’enfance

Nobodinoz is a French & Spanish decoration brand for babies, kids and grown-ups.We focus on quality, materials, know-how and traditional craftsmanship.All our fabrics are dyed & printed in Barcelona.